Mold Design Services

Mould design is very critical for the success of a product. If mold design is not right, the whole following steps will become a nightmare. So for custom made plastic products, to find a good injection molding company with rich experience in plastic mold design is very important. At Traclogis, we have 3 senior mold designers who have been working in mold industry over 10 years. They are not just good at mold design, but also with strong product design and plastic engineering background. Together with our senior technicians in mould manufacturing, we can make the right plastic mold tooling to meet your real needs.  

Before mold design, We should have below information regarding to the plastic parts to be molded:

• Formal 3D drawing

• Technical requirements

• Quantity required

• To understand each every detail in the design of the plastic injection mold, and the function of each parts in the mold.

• In the design process, we need to have reference to the previous similar design, to know the situation during the mold processing and  production, to learn from the experience and lessons.

• To know well about the working process of the injection molding machine, in order to understand how the mold and the injection molding machine works with each other.

• To learn the injection mould machining process, in order to know well about the characteristics and limitations of each processing.

• To better understand mold testing results and mold revising situation, learn the lesson.

• As far as possible, to adopt previous successful mold structure in mould design.

• To better know the impacts that water through mold has on the products.

• Study of some special mold structure, to understand the latest mold technology

Mold Design Services

Mold designers should carefully negotiate with customers about the shape, size, accuracy and appearance requirements for the molded plastics.

To make a set of high-quality plastic injection mold, not only need to have good processing equipment and skilled manufacturing workers. Another important factor is to have good mold designer. Especially for complex mold, mold design directly affects more than 80% of mold quality. A good mold design is: on the premise of meeting the guests' requirements, to low the processing cost, to make the processing simple, to short the processing time.  To do this, not only to fully understand customers' request, but also to have the knowledge of injection molding machine, mould structure, mold processing technology and the processing capability of your own factory. Therefore, to improve the level of mold design ability , we should do the following things:

Injection Mold Design